Aquarese, a SHAPE Technologies Company

with headquarters in France, is the Advanced Manufacturing Solutions division of Flow International, the world leader in Waterjet Technology.

With 30 years of experience, Aquarese has developed specific expertise in Waterjet Stripping, Waterjet Machining, Waterjet Blasting and Waterjet Cutting.

Our solutions are used by the aerospace industry for various applications such as rough machining on high-value alloys, coatings removal (thermal barrier , abradable,…) on parts during manufacturing rework or MRO, ceramic shells and cores removal on lost-wax clusters, burr removal on forged parts, net shape trimming on CFRP parts, layup tool cleaning after debagging, and more.

Aquarese offers turn-key manufacturing solutions including full manufacturing engineering, contract manufacturing services (stripping, cutting, degating, deshelling), process R&D and full range of after-sales services.

Aquarese, with Flow International, is present globally, with references in Europe, North America, China and Japan.

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