MAFAC is one of the leading manufacturers in aqueous parts cleaning worldwide.

The family-managed company offers a wide range of
compact serial machines for various cleaning jobs, for example in the
automotive and aerospace industry, in machine building, metal-
cutting production, or in the supplier industry.
The heart of all MAFAC products is the unique, patented process of
counter- or co-rotation of the basket receptacle and spray system. It allows
for the use of directly targeted turbulences; combining mechanical
movement with temperature, time and cleaning agents, it provides for
reliable and effective parts cleaning.

Compact, versatile products
The MAFAC product portfolio comprises compact machines for spray
cleaning or combined spray-flood cleaning. The machines feature a
selection of options, for instance the patented, rotatable and positionable
ultrasound technology, for adaptation to the customer’s individual
requirements. Depending on the machine type, drying is implemented by
means of a rotating pulse blowing system, a stationary or rotary hot-air
drying system, or vacuum drying. A diversified selection of accessories
completes the range of machines and adds to the ergonomic and safe
operation of the cleaning process. Accessories include transfer systems,
roller conveyors and loading trolleys, but also standard Euro baskets or
customised workpiece carriers as well as drip trays and bath care systems.

Spray cleaning machines:

Spray-flood cleaning machines:
The latest MAFAC product innovations are the process for targeted
cleaning and drying, the heat exchange module MAFAC HEAT.X, and the
cleaning machine MAFAC MALTA for particle-free degreasing of precision

Continuous research for a high degree of innovation
MAFAC’s strong commitment to research and development not only
guarantees the continuous improvement of the products, but also forms the
basis of the company’s technology leadership. This is evident from several
pending patent applications. Due to its competence in product
development, MAFAC is an esteemed research partner of well-known
universities, as for example in the project “ETA factory” (energy-efficient
model factory of the future) of the Darmstadt Technical University.

Responsibility for people and the environment
The aspect of sustainability is firmly rooted in MAFAC’s corporate values.
The manufacturer from Alpirsbach has consistently focussed on aqueous
parts cleaning, constantly developing solutions for meeting the increasing
requirements in cleanliness in an economic and resource-protecting

Service tailored to customers’ needs
MAFAC offers its customers an extensive service package covering
process implementation, support, and optimisation. An experienced team of
engineers and technicians defines the customer’s requirements in the
cleaning process. By means of test series and test cleaning runs at our own
technical centre, the process is optimised for the customer. Following the
installation and commissioning of a MAFAC parts cleaner, After Sales
Service ensures that machine and process are always state-of- the art and
operate with optimum safety, cost effectiveness and efficiency.